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Everyone gets sick at one point or another. Many people go forward with self-care. Visiting a pharmacy and picking up over the counter items can work out for a while, but what if you’re still sick after a week? What if you have the flu? There are a lot of issues that can manifest that you may need a doctor to help with. No matter what the case is, you may find that it’s difficult to book an appointment with a primary care physician.

Doctor’s today get booked up fast, and they may not have a lot of open appointments. That’s why it’s important to know where the urgent care locations in your area are. They can help you with a variety of health issues, and could even save you money. If you have never gone to one of these locations, or perhaps want to know more, consider a few advantages, and notes that come with going to these locations when you or a family member are sick.

Understanding Urgent Care

It’s important to understand that urgent care doesn’t mean emergency room. Emergency rooms are special locations in hospitals that help life or death situations. They take care of severe trauma, and they get hit hard with people coming through at all hours. They can help with just about anything, and even have surgical services, and more. These can be frenetic, and the goal is to save lives in emergency situations.

With that in mind, you may not want to go to an emergency room if you have a rash, or if you have developed a cough. If you are not in dire need, you will want to go to a doctor that can help with a prescription, or perhaps a diagnosis of what is going on. That’s where urgent care options come into play. Urgent care facilities are medical centers that are not too unlike primary care physician offices. They see anyone that comes in, although they are not primary care in the same manner.

When you visit one of these centers, you will be given care from doctors and nurses that can help with a number of issues. They can care of cuts, wounds, eye problems, dental issues, pain management, digestive issues, and in many instances, they have labs and radiology in house. They help alleviate the stress and traffic that emergency rooms get and can see you without an appointment, usually within 30 minutes or less.

The Cost Ratio of Urgent Care

Unlike a trip to the hospital, going to a clinic of this type is not going to cost you a lot of money. If you have insurance, then they will cover the visit. In most instances, you will not even have to pay a co-payment. There’s a great advantage in terms of cost found here. An ambulance ride and a trip to the emergency room could cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket, or hundreds if you have insurance. Urgent care centers do not charge that much, even if you do not have insurance. In some instances, seeing a doctor without insurance in these locations is more cost effective than an insurance premium, making them a real option for just about anyone to visit.

When Out of Town

Let’s say you’re visiting a new city, and you have sprained your ankle or have eaten something bad. You don’t need to rush to an emergency room. Instead, visit one of the many urgent care locations in the city and get a helping hand. You may be 2,000 miles away from your primary care doctor, but an urgent care physician may be able to give you the same medication and advice that your doctor at home would give you. Furthermore, you won’t need to pay the high premiums of out-of-state care. The next time you’re on vacation, make sure that you look into where the urgent care centers are located. You’ll find that this information can not only save your life, it can help you save money as well.

Why Wait?

At the end of the day, no one wishes to wait to see a doctor. Waiting days or weeks for an appointment can be somewhat difficult to manage. Instead of waiting for an opening, you can easily walk into urgent care and get seen the same day. Walk-ins are welcome, and they take most insurance plans. Even if you don’t have insurance, you can see a doctor for a fraction of the cost of what a hospital will charge you. It’s advantageous, and well worth your time.


 – Joseph Taiwo, M.D. 

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