Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Worker safety and health is a top priority for us at 1st Class Urgent Care Center. We provide the following services to ensure workers are physically capable of performing their jobs and that they are protected while doing so.

Pre-placement and Routine Physical Exams

We offer $55 physical exams with no appointment necessary. Walk in at your convenience! These exams help determine fitness for occupational requirements. Some of the benefits of physical exams:

  • Know your limits: existing health conditions may pose a risk to the patient or to others.
  • Knowing about an applicant’s/employee’s health allows for better communication with the employer—Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) or counseling may be provided, the impact of work related injury or illness can be measured, and the employer can better understand the potential for emergency (for example, diabetes or convulsive disorders).
  • Physicals help employers remain compliant with legal requirements.

At a physical, you can expect to answer questions about your medical history, and then to have an examination of:

  • Vitals: height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure
  • Ears, nose, and throat
  • Heart, lungs, and abdomen
  • Vision
  • Posture and joints
  • Strength and flexibility


Work-Related Urgent Care and Evaluation

  • Minor fractures, eye injuries, lacerations, back and muscle strains can be examined and treated quickly and easily at 1st Class Urgent Care Center.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Please note that we are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday!

If you have emergency please call 911. The clinic will be back open on Monday November 27th. Telemedicine service with Dr Taiwo is available by texting +1 214 516 3947. Happy Thanksgiving

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