1. What is an urgent care?

An urgent care is a medical facility that treats non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries that are not serious enough to require an emergency room visit. 1st Class Urgent Care Center is ideal for treating minor burns, lacerations that require stitches, minor infections (ear, sinus, sore throat, urinary tract, etc.), bites and rashes, and more. Urgent care clinics like 1st Class Urgent Care Center also provide physical exams for school, work, camp, and sports.

2. How do I know whether I should go to an urgent care clinic or an emergency room?

An urgent care clinic cannot treat you for any life-threatening injury or illness. If you are experiencing seizures, chest pain, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, sudden weakness, dizziness, blurred vision, severe headache, or loss of coordination, numbness in the face or limbs, vomiting or coughing blood: Call 911 immediately and go to the nearest ER.

3. How do I know whether I should go to an urgent care clinic or to my regular doctor?

Urgent care clinics offer the flexibility of longer hours and walk-in appointment availability. Go to your regular doctor when you can, but if time or urgency requires more flexibility, 1st Class Urgent Care Center is an excellent choice for you.

4. I may need a specialist referral. Do you provide those?

Yes, we provide immediate care for fractures, lacerations, dehydration, and more. We also refer patients for follow-up treatment.

5. How do the cost and payment options of 1st Class Urgent Care Center compare to those of the emergency room?

Like an emergency room, 1st Class Urgent Care Center accepts most major insurance and forms of payment (cash, Visa, Master Card, and American Express). 1st Class Urgent Care Center is, on average, significantly cheaper (and easier!) than a trip to the emergency room.

Please note that we are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday!

If you have emergency please call 911. The clinic will be back open on Monday November 27th. Telemedicine service with Dr Taiwo is available by texting +1 214 516 3947. Happy Thanksgiving

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