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Testing Now Available

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We are now offering COVID-19 diagnostic (RT-PCR) and Rapid Antigen testing

The first step is a Virtual Visit with one of our licensed providers, who follow CDC and state guidelines to evaluate patients and determine the most appropriate care, including rapid COVID-19 testing, if appropriate. To care for those who care for our community, initial priority is given to exposed front-line  medical personnel and other first responders, including local police and firefighters . Schedule a Virtual Visit below for an evaluation with a provider.



Visit our Allen Location at these times

Monday 9.00 am- 6.00 pm
Tuesday - Friday9.00 am- 6.00 pm
SaturdayTemporarily Closed

On-Site COVID-19 Testing Now Available

We are now offering mobile COVID-19 diagnostic (RT-PCR) testing to businesses in the Collin County Area. Our local team can schedule a time for a mobile test site to be set up at your facility within 24-48 hours. Our licensed providers, who follow CDC and state guidelines to evaluate patients, will administer the rapid COVID-19 test and determine necessary follow-up care based on the results. On-site evaluation does not require a Virtual Visit.



1st Class urgent care can now provide Covid-19 testing for those experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms as well as those without symptoms who have specific indications for testing. We are currently offering 3 tpes of tests; two confirmatory tests (either RT-PCR test which takes about 48-72hrs) or the 15 minute Rapid Antigen test and Antibody tests.

Just like other diagnostic tests our providers will review your history, current symptoms and perform an examination before ordering the test.

You could also come in if you need a negative result to return back to work.

Who can be tested ?

Anyone exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID–19 , could be tested . You should discuss testing with your providers. You may need to be tested before undergoing elective procedure at surgical centers. People who are immunocompromised or older adults may be at higher risk for serious complications from COVID-19.

What should you expect with Covid–19 test?

Our providers or trained personnel will put on PPE to collect samples , nasopharyngeal swab or antibody/ finger prick test. Samples are tested within our laboratory and you will get the result back in 30 minutes.

What to bring ?

Bring your drivers license and insurance card. For self pay – cost is 150 dollars for the exam plus 100 dollars for the lab.

Our tests are FDA‘s Emergency Use Authorized.

Types of Tests

There are two different types of tests – diagnostic tests and antibody tests.

A diagnostic test can show if you have an active coronavirus infection and should take steps to quarantine or isolate yourself from others. Currently there are two types of diagnostic tests which detect the virus – molecular tests, such as RT-PCR tests, that detect the virus’s genetic material, and antigen tests that detect specific proteins on the surface of the virus.

An antibody test looks for antibodies that are made by your immune system in response to a threat, such as a specific virus. Antibodies can help fight infections. Antibodies can take several days or weeks to develop after you have an infection and may stay in your blood for several weeks or more after recovery. Because of this, antibody tests should not be used to diagnose an active coronavirus infection. At this time researchers do not know if the presence of antibodies means that you are immune to the coronavirus in the future.



When you visit 1st Class urgent care , your safety is our number one priority .
All our staff wear full PPE (protective personal equipment) masks, gloves and we have routine cleaning according to CDC guidelines
We have also made changes to our waiting room to accommodate more spaces for social distancing to minimize contacts.
Also while you are in the exam room being tested or examined, our providers wear protective clothes mask and face shield when they collect the samples.

Joseph Taiwo MD



1. Schedule a Virtual Visit with a provider

If clinically appropriate based on CDC and state guidelines, our provider will schedule you for an in-person COVID-19 test at one of our centers.

2. Follow instructions for your scheduled curbside appointment

Park in the designated area and wait for a provider to come to you for a swab test.

3. Receive your results in about 48-72 hours

If your test results are positive, your provider will discuss next steps for care.

What is the COVID-19 Molecular Test?

Also known as…

Diagnostic test, viral test, molecular test, nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT), RT-PCR test, LAMP test

How the sample is taken…

Nasal or throat swab (most tests)

Saliva (a few tests)

How long it takes to get results…

Same day (some locations) or up to a week

Also Is another test needed…known as…

This test is typically highly accurate and usually does not need to be repeated.

What it shows…

Diagnoses active coronavirus infection

What it can’t do…

Show if you ever had COVID-19 or were infected with the coronavirus in the past



1st Class Urgent Care was created to offer convenient service when you are faced with an illness or injury that needs prompt attention. Our doctor is Board Certified with great experience in Emergency Medicine. This means you will receive the highest level of care in a timely manner. At 1st Class Urgent Care you will be pleasantly surprised with our vision for health care. Our brand new state-of-the-art clinic is warm and inviting. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a welcoming receptionist and taken back to be seen by our board certified providers. We treat adult and children of all ages, with a wide range of illness and injuries. We have rooms to specially accommodate families, as well as dedicated procedure rooms. We offer on-site services such as X-rays, lab tests, vaccines, physicals, DOT, lacerations, splinting, foreign body removal, and well woman exams. To receive this care, come and stop by at our locations. 









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Dr Taiwo completed training at Morehouse school of Medicine
and Emory University school of medicine with focus
on Emergency Medicine



James Quinn is a former Electrical Engineer, Firefighter, and
Paramedic. He has over six years experience in EMS and
over five years as a Physician Assistant (PA)



Brent earned his undergraduate degree at Austin College.
in 1994, and was a member of the Austin College football
team where he was a 4–time All–American punter


Why should we be your 1st choice?

– Walk-in Service Available
– Flexibility and Availability
– Over 15 years of Experience
– Friendly and Compassionate Care
– X-Rays and Labs Performed On-Site
– All Insurances Accepted
– All Ages Welcome
– Cheaper and Easier

Urgent Care

We treat acute non-life-threatening conditions for all ages, such as allergic reactions, asthma, bladder infections, bronchitis, ear infections, minor stomachache, pneumonia, sinusitis, skin rashes, and sore throats.
Immunizations including Flu, Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Tetanus, Varicella
Tuberculosis skin tests
Digital X-ray imaging
Blood draw and lab testing on-site for many tests (some must be sent off-site, however)
Electrocardiograms and Pulmonary Function testing
Laceration repair requiring stitches and other traumatic minor wound care
Minor orthopedic care, sprains and simple fractures
School, sports, work, and camp physicals
Occupational medicine such as DOT and non-DOT physicals, MRO services
Drug screening and alcohol testing
Electronic medical records and prescriptions

Occupational Health

Worker safety and health is a top priority for us at 1st Class Urgent Care Center. We provide the following services to ensure workers are physically capable of performing their jobs and that they are protected while doing so.

Well Woman Exams

The Pap test, also called a Pap smear, checks for changes in the cells of your cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus, that opens into the vagina. The Pap test can tell if you have an infection, abnormal, unhealthy, cervical cells, or cervical cancer.

School and Sports Physicals

Do you or your child need a camp, school, or sports physical exam? Schedule an appointment with us or just walk in—we will take care of you! These exams help to make sure you or your child are ready and able to participate in sports or other physical activities. We want you to get out there and play, but we also want to make sure you reduce the risk of injury.

Routine Physician Care

A primary care physician or family doctor is a vital part of individual and family healthcare. The primary care physician is the first line of defense, having access to the patient’s full medical history and a standing relationship with the patient. From primary care, patients may be referred to specialists, hospitals, or rehabilitation clinics. For patients with chronic medical conditions, the primary physician plays an especially important role in monitoring and managing care. If you need a primary care physician for yourself or your family, please contact 1st Class Urgent Care


Connect with Us on the go, download 1st Class Urgent Care app
from the Appstore and Google Play


Connect with Us on the go, download 1st Class Urgent Care app
from the Appstore and Google Play


Connect with Us on the go, download 1st Class Urgent Care app
from the Appstore and Google Play


    I felt comfortable with doctor and staff. They were very thorough and timely with test. The Facility was very clear and up to date.

    Maxie T.,
    This Facilitiy made me feel at ease


    I visited the clinic 30 minutes before they closed.... expecting to be rushed thru the system with less than friendly service. Much to my surprise, the front desk who took my initial info, the nurse who took my vitals and the doctor who treated me were each friendly, concerned and very professional. I never felt rushed. I was confident in the doctor's diagnosis. It's been a few days and I feel better already. I would recommend this clinic to my friends.

    Linda P.,
    Professionals..All the way!!


    Have been there twice now after hours/weekend and received great service. There was almost no wait. Dr. was great, listened to our concerns and new exactly what to do. Explained everything to us in a way we understood. So glad we tried this clinic

    Tim M.,
    Great Service


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Please note that we are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday!

If you have emergency please call 911. The clinic will be back open on Monday November 27th. Telemedicine service with Dr Taiwo is available by texting +1 214 516 3947. Happy Thanksgiving

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